Multivariate testing platform with live user segmentation

SegmentLab is not just your typical website optimization platform. Unlike other optimization solutions, SegmentLab allows to optimize your website for each visitor by displaying a version of the site that will provide the best experience for the user currently visiting the site. Our vision is that every project should be able to reach its fullest potential by learning from and adopting to its audience. User segmentation is key to providing optimal experience for each visitor. Every visitor is unique and deserves optimized solution to best suit his needs. 

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Our optimization tools are simple and tailored to meet your needs. Here is what we offer:
  • Multi Variant Optimization - Setup and test unlimited variations of your website. See exactly how each variation performed in our extensive reports.
  • Optimize Website for each Visitor - Optimize website for each visitor by displaying variant of the website that is most suited for him.
  • Test Without Compromising Performance - Our new multi-variant tool is simply off the hook, you have a solid infrastructure you can depend on to handle millions of events round the clock.
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    Multi Variant Testing

    Find the best variant of website for each segment of your audience

    No page design is optimal for all your visitors at the same time. Each user has its own unique needs. Some need a lot of information in order to feel confident you deserve their trust. Others need concise, distilled message from you to be able to make their decisions fast. And the differences go on and on. There is only one option if you want to capture maximum reach, optimize your website for each segment of your audience separately. SegmentLab is project designed to do just that. Setup unlimited test variations, see how each segment of your visitors responds to them and easily make decisions which variant of your website is suited best for a particular user segment.

    Price Discovery

    Easily experiment with prices

    On Wordpress WooCommerce platform SegmentLab lets you run different price and pricing techniques experiments, so you can understand which pricing model brings the most revenue and engagement from your audience.

    Price Testing

    Once you have our WooCommerce plugin installed you can easily test multiple price levels where each products can be offered at different prices for separate customer segments.

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    Rounded vs Non-Rounded Pricing

    Ever wondered which pricing technique is right for your project. Should you do round pricing, maybe $.95 would work better? What about $.99 or $.97? With SegmentLab you can easily test all these and other pricing techniques. Stop guessing and start testing!

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    Why choose SegmentLab?

    The special thing about SegmentLab is that we don't only deliver a robust testing and optimization experience. Far from it, with SegmentLab you can optimize website for every segment of your audience, giving each visitor a customized and unique experience, cool right?

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